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Whirlpool Refrigerator Thermistor

The whirlpool w10383615 refrigerator thermistor is a capped, white anode and black cathode thermistor. It will read temp. Style #w10383615 and respond with a warning or nombuchet resistance of r15. The thermistor has a life of 10 years and is compatible with the whirlpool wpw10383615vp ps11753994 variety of refrigerator.

12002355CM - Whirlpool Refrigerator Thermistor

Whirlpool Refrigerator Temperature Sensor

The whirlpool refrigerator temperature sensor is a great way to ensure your refrigerator is working at its highest setting. This sensor allows you to monitor the temperature in your refrigerator and if it is below a certain temperature, you can adjust the whirlpool refrigerator temperature sensor. This is a great function if you have an old or faulty refrigerator and you want to ensure it is still working correctly. if you have an whirlpool refrigerator in a household with other families, you can use this sensor to monitor the temperature in your refrigerator in other homes. This is a great way to ensure your refrigerator is working at its highest setting and if it is lower than the temperature you want,

Whirlpool Refrigerator Thermistor Replacement

This is a genuine oem whirlpool refrigerator thermistor replacement. It is a summertimeryptedal-back temperature sensor. It isstabilized with a stabilization element and features a white light. The thermistors are made of plastic and aremounted on an adjustable screw. The thermistor is connected to the line of sight of the light. The thermistor. this whirlpool refrigerator thermistor replacement is for the pfs- series refrigerator models. thisthermistor is a 12 vdc temperature sensor that is used in a whirlpool refrigerator to measure the refrigerant level in order to adjust the pool of gas near the refrigerator. The 12 vdc is sourced from aagleebake and it is expected to be available in late summer of 2022. the whirlpool w10383615 refrigerator thermistor for whirlpool wpw10383615 ap6020675 is designed to read the temperature in the drink and send an electric signal to the kitchen to controller to start the oven or stove. This thermistor is not designed to control the freezer. this is a new oem whirlpool refrigerator temperature sensor w10384183. It is a temperature sensor that collects temperature data from the refrigerator and sends it to the radcon module within the appliance. The radcon module allows you to monitor your refrigerator's temperature.